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Your child deserves top quality care

We are a fully licensed Family Dayhome Agency serving families and educators in the Calgary and surrounding areas

Caring for your Children and their future

It is well established that the most important years of learning begin at birth. At this early age, a child’s brain is making connections that will last a life time. During these years, a human being is capable of absorbing more information at one time than will ever be possible again. The environment of the young child influences the development of cognitive and emotional skills due to the rapid brain growth that occurs. Studies have shown that high quality day homes have both short and long term effects in improving a child’s outcome.

The Little Steps Academy Approach

The underlying philosophy behind the Little Steps Academy approach can be summed up in the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Our approved providers create a small group environment where children can learn to do new things and associate with interesting adults that truly care about them. To this end, the Little Steps Academy Network has attracted some of the childcare industry’s best partners who share this philosophy. Each member of the provider team is experienced, professional, and committed to making children’s development and socialization a top priority and their only concern during the day. Little Steps Academy approved providers interact with children! So there’s really no time for TV in a Little Steps Academy family day home!

Your child is special and deserves top quality care! Having your high quality day home allows you to be confident that they will do interesting things and will always be treated with respect. The strong team of providers in any of our programs share a group philosophy surrounding what home based childcare should look like and care for each child as if they were our own because we are all part of our community’s ‘village’!

2 children doing an art activity with the assistance of their educator

Our Program Values

We are passionate about creating environments and programs to help support children in their early childhood. The first 5 years of a child’s life greatly impacts their whole life. Mainly building the foundation of their beliefs and habits.

There are some core values that direct a lot of our standards and choices within building our programs and while working with educators.

  • Having a positive outlook and focusing on helpful actions and ways of thinking
  • Being open minded to different people and cultures
  • Building habits and routines that help create structure and balance throughout our day
  • Encouraging and learning to think creatively and problem solve
  • Creating safe environments to explore openly and discover
  • Learning the foundations to get them ready for school and beyond

We help our educators create environments that follow these values in a way that is age appropriate, fun and helps your child build confidence.

Building Routine

Helping children build helpful habits and routines creates a strong foundation for their future. It also helps them be more comfortable and gain confidence in the early stages of their development.

We firmly believe in having a routine and it is a standard we keep in all of our homes. Below is an example of the general routine to be expected in a Little Steps Academy Family Dayhome. Feel free to discuss the routine in your dayhome with your educator.

– Welcome Children!
– Free play
– Circle Time & Calendar
– Snack Time
– Outdoor Free Play & Structured Activities
– Lunch
– Nap-time (varies depending on children schedules)
– Arts & Crafts / Learning Time
– Snack
– Indoor / Outdoor Free Play & Structured Activities
– Home Time